Developer's Message

The universe is counting on you...

  • Two styles of play
  • Three types of puzzles
  • Fifteen levels of increasing difficulty
  • Collect stars to increase your score by 10,000 points
For a century, they ruled with an iron hand and a stone heart.

Your mission, Thumbs (Intergalactic Safecracker Extraordinaire), is to retrieve the treasures they hid in special safes.

Get all the blue buttons to the correct locations and you open the safes, retrieve the treasures, save the universe and your true love. Allow one of the red buttons to touch a target and *KABOOM*!
  • Swipe a row or column to move it.
  • Move all the Blue Buttons to the Targets to unlock the safes and advance levels. The order doesn't matter.
  • Having a Red Button on a Target will cause the safe to explode.
  • A Blue Button on a star will increase your score by 10,000 points.
  • Having a Red Button on a star will destroy it.
  • Longer Buttons moves two columns or rows at the same time.
Puzzle A
Move the Blue Buttons to the Targets. Maximize your points by landing on the star (worth 10,000 points), and by using as few moves as you can.
Puzzle B
There are now longer buttons which move two columns or rows at the same time.
Puzzle C
While you are moving one row/column, the surrounding buttons move in the opposite direction!
Thumbs was made using GameSalad. If you have an Apple Macintosh computer and a Safari web browser, you can play Thumbs online for free by clicking here or on the screenshot below. (You will be asked to install the GameSalad plug-in if you haven't already done so.)

Unfortunately, you cannot play online on PC computers yet.

Developer's Message

I hope that you enjoy playing this game. It was a lot of fun to make.

Thumbs was an original idea. I was thinking about the swipe behaviour on the iPhone and how neat it would be to design a lock like there is on briefcases. You know the ones I mean: there's four dials with numbers on them, and you spin them around. When you get the four number combination correct, the briefcase opens.

And, wouldn't it be super cool if you could not only spin these dials up and down but also side to side? And wouldn't the coolness factor just double if there were, like, explosions? Thus was born the idea for Thumbs.

It has taken me an entire year to develop this game, from inception to being published.

Have fun with Thumbs. I hope you like it.